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Become Fiber Ready!

New Hampton Municipal Utilities is building a state-of-the-art fiber network, and we want to serve you!

This online form gets you on our list to perform a Site Survey. During the site survey, a technician will take the steps needed to make your home or business Fiber Ready!

Become Fiber Ready!

The Process in 5 EASY steps

  1. Enter your address above and complete our Fiber Ready form. By saying you’re Fiber Ready, you’ll be signing up for a site survey and authorizing NHMU to install a fiber service line as part of our construction project.  Being Fiber Ready does NOT obligate you to purchase services, but it will make it much easier to do so when you are ready to switch.
  2. Call Patriot Communications at 319-899-6008 to schedule your site survey. During this appointment, the technician prepares your home or business for a service line when construction crews arrive in your area. They will also work with you to identify the best location inside your home or business for Wi-Fi routers, TV receivers, etc.
  3. Construction crews will run the duct from the right of way to your address. Construction will begin as soon as the weather permits and continue throughout the year.
  4. Later this year, NHMU will begin taking orders for the products and services you'd like to receive. You will be able to sign up in person at our new Customer Service Center (112 East Main) or online. Because you’re FIBER READY, installation and activation of any services you receive will be FREE.
  5. Finally, it will be time to install your services! We will contact you to schedule an appointment to activate the services you’ve chosen. Then you’ll be connected to the world from NHMU Fiber!